Tangkama is a Courier-on-Demand Service. With the click of a button, you can request a delivery or errand carried out on your behalf. How cool is that? That’s convenience redefined.





Cost Effectiveness



Save Time

Each second counts

Save Money

Relax, lets do the running around.

Create Value

For yourself and for others

Save The Environment

The Earth needs you.


Never again would 24 hours seem like 22.7 hours to you

How It Works


Make A Request

  • Open the App
  • Provide Pick Up Location, Name and Contact Number at Pick-Up Point
  • Determine Pick-Up Time and provide additional Details about the nature of Pick-Up (describe item being pick up. E.g. glass, fragile, paper, food, etc.).

Provide Payment Information

  • Select one of 2 billing options thus; Flat Rate vs Per KM Billing (Using Google Map to measure mileage).
  • Provide Delivery details (Location – by typing location on Google Map Plugin, Name and Contact Number at Delivery Point)
  • Indicate latest time of Delivery and any additional Delivery Details (e.g. Beware of Dogs, Ring Door Bell, Deliver to Secretary/Reception, etc.)
  • Proceed to Payment window/screen where one can choose between payment by Mobile Money and Payment by Cash.
  • Submit task.

Watch The Magic Happen - In Real Time

  • A series of notifications (including sms messages) would be immediately sent to task creator’s and Delivery Contact’s device providing:
    • Name of Rider and Details of task
    • A link to track the location of the Rider as they approach Pick Up Point.
    • A link to rate Rider
  • App allows Riders to collect Specific notes and Signature of recipient at Delivery Point. Riders may also take pictures at delivery point on request (through Pick-Up and/or Delivery Details provided).

Get It Now

Never again would 24 hours seem like 22.7 hours to you