Tangkama, first of all, is a word; not a name – could be. But it is not. Yet!



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Tangkama is a word of Hausa origin which stands for DEFIANCEDefiance without a label. Could be positive or negative. The default connotation often associated with the use of the word Tangkama is Defiance in an audacious manner.

In essence, Tangkama as a verb, exudes motion and never stands still.


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Tangkama is an internet based application accessible via any internet enabled hand-held device. It is a courier service plugin that allows any individual with a courier service need to initiate, execute, monitor, and evaluate a courier service request from anywhere so long as they have access to an internet* enabled hand-held device. It is available On-Demand.

In essence, Tangkama acts as an enabler for the Aggregation and (Re)Distribution of Courier Service needs in the marketplace. In so doing, it allows for the matching of Demand for Courier Services to the Supply of same.

Taking into cognizance the increasing congestion within and around city centers all around us, Tangkama adopts motorbikes as its principal tool of trade. If your courier need cannot go on a motorbike, then it probably isn’t a job to be done by Tangkama – for now!

Our riders are carefully selected, Meticulously Trained and Dutifully Groomed to perfection. They exhibit, at all times, the highest standards of Professionalism and peerless Customer Service.