What is Tangkama

Tangkama is simply a Courier Service plugin/interface available On-Demand via an app which allows persons with a courier service need, the opportunity to Initiate, Execute and Monitor the delivery of courier service request as and when required and on the go.

How does one gain access to the interface?

Through any electronic device equipped with an active internet connection through which one can download the app or access the web-form version of the interface.

  1. Mobile Smart Phone/Tablet
    1. Android
      1. Android Version 4.0 and above
    2. iOS
      1. IOS 9 (works for IPhone 5 and above)
    3. Minimum Speed: 256 Kbps. 4G and 3G are recommended. However, app works on 2G as well
  2. Desktop Computer
    1. Windows
      1. i3 processor, 2GB Ram
      2. Google Chrome, Firefox, Browsers
    2. MacOS
      1. i3 processor, 2GB Ram
      2. IOS 9
      3. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Browsers
    3. Minimum Internet Speed: 256 Kbps. 4G and 3G are recommended. However, app works on 2G as well
  3. Through any voice enabled telephony handset through which one can call our hotlines to initiate a service request
    1. Fixed landline
    2. Mobile Phone
  • SAT Phone

What can I use this service for?

  1. Request for pick-up of small parcels*
  2. Request for drop-off of small parcels*
  3. Request for both pick-up AND drop-off of small parcels*
  4. Request for multiple pickups of small parcels*
  5. Request for multiple drop-off of small parcels*
  6. Request for multiple pick-up AND drop-off of small parcels*
  7. Request for basic/minor service execution at pick-up and/or drop-off location(s)*
    1. Take pictures at project site
    2. Confirm presence of physical infrastructure at a certain location
  8. Request for pick-up of food orders from restaurants*
  9. Request for pick-up of medication from pharmacy/hospital*
  10. Request for execution of payments for utility bills*
  11. Request for purchase of travel tickets*
    1. Bus Tickets (VIP, O.A., STC, etc)
    2. Airline Tickets
  12. Request for pick-up and/or drop-off of laundry*
  13. Request for pick-up of small items purchased*
    1. From online ecommerce shops
    2. From offline brick and mortar shops
  14. Request for pick-up of tickets
    1. Events
    2. Movies
  15. Request for pick-up of groceries

How much does one pay for using the service?

  1. The bill for each tasked is calculated based on:
    1. The total distance covered in executing the task/request
    2. The level of complexity of the task/request
  • The time spent in executing the task
  1. The expected time frame within which task/requested is expected to be executed.
    1. Immediate
    2. Scheduled
    3. Deferred
  2. For each task/request initiated, an estimated bill will be displaced before execution starts.

How safe is the service offering?

  1. The Tangkama service is sufficiently safe to use by all with a courier service need.
  2. There are several levels of security checks used to screen recruitment of Service Providers.
  3. Tangkama bears the ultimate risks directly associated with the execution of tasks/requests initiated via the interface.
  4. The identities of each Service Provider are shared with users being served by such Service Provider. Details include:
    1. Name
    2. Telephone Number
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  1. The interface is a location based service for which reason, the location of a service provider to known to users at all times.
    1. The interface allows for the tracking of every single task/request initiated via the app/web-form.

What happens when my parcel is damaged by dispatch?

  1. All parcels are insured
  2. An investigation into the circumstances of the occurrence would immediately be initiated.
  3. Tangkama would immediately indemnify you of your lose after concluding preliminary investigations.
    1. Maximum lead time is 24 hours after claim is reported.
  4. Outline and implement corrective action, Including:
    1. New controls
    2. Sanctions

What qualifies as being classified as a “small parcel”?

  1. A parcel whose value does not exceed GHc 100.00.
  2. A parcel whose weight does not exceed 5KG.
  3. A parcel whose shape and form does not exceed 50cm x 50cm x 50cm (L x W x H)
  4. A parcel that does not fall within the list of dangerous items classification by airlines.
  5. A parcel whose contents does not contain unsecured liquids.

Can one cancel a trip mid-way?

  1. Yes! On condition that:
    1. It is within 10 minutes of the task/request being activated
      1. Validated
      2. Assigned to a Service Provider
      3. Service provider started task
    2. Where it exceeds 10 minutes after the task/request has been initiated, the minimum base charge of GHc3.50 will apply.

Can one amend a drop-off time?

  1. Yes! On condition that:
    1. Such amendment is made before task/request is executed in full.
    2. The small parcel picked up does not require any special preservation.
  2. No! Given that:
    1. The small parcel is edible food in forms:
      1. Solid
      2. Liquid
      3. Processed
    2. Can one request the service to pick-up or drop-off an individual?
      1. No! it is NEVER done.
        1. The service providers are NEVER allowed to pick pylon riders.
        2. It is meant for courier of small parcels only.