The Tangkama Service

Never again would 24 hours seem like 22.7 hours to you. It’s Convenience Redefined!

Here’s how it works.

Tangkama’s core objective is to deliver Courier Service On-Demand.

To realise this goal, Tangkama’s offering is delivered primary via two channels. An Offline Version representing the first generation and an Online Version representing the second generation.

Regardless, using the Tangkama Service always starts with an existing Courier Service need.

Remember: If your Courier Service need cannot go onto a Motorbike, then it probably isn’t a job for Tangkama.

Welcome to Convenience!

Offline System


For the offline version, the enablers of engagement with Tangkama are varied and many. Any of the following options (below) could trigger engagement of our services:

  • A Phone Call
  • An SMS
  • A WhatsApp (Call/Message)
  • An email
  • A completed form via our website
  • A walk in to our offices

Opting for any of the above listed options and proceeding to same automatically opts one in to be bound by the terms and conditions of our service which can be found on our website.

Welcome to Convenience!

Online System


For the Online version, engagement starts and ends via a dedicated App which is available and can be downloaded via Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This dedicated App allows for users to…

  1. Initiate
  2. Review
  3. monitor
  4. Evaluate
  5. Pay
  6. Control

…Courier Service needs from the comfort of their internet enabled hand held device while on the go.

More, users receive end to end notifications throughout the engagement process ensuring that one has a 360 view of the entire task process LIVE as it happens. Such level of control also allows one to  remain abreast with progress of the courier service request being executed.

Welcome to Convenience!

How To Use The App

Open The App

Billing Options

Delivery Details


Submit task

Confirmation Messages



There are two billing options available.

a) Flat Rate
b) Per Kilometer Billing



Billing Structure/Components

A flat rate payment option is also available based on:

  • Volume of transactions
  • Frequency of transactions
  • Schedule of task delivery

As an alternative, Billing is calculated at a fixed unit rate* per kilometer travelled (between Pick-Up and Delivery Points). Others include:

  • The nature and value of the package being couriered
  • Each service request may attract an additional service charge if it requires for additional services to be performed beyond Pick-Up and/or Delivery.
  • Where additional Service Charges apply, the additional bill is calculated thus:
    • At a fixed unit rate* per minute spent executing the task.
    • The complexity of the task*
    • The terrain and other associated risks involved in the execution of the task and other associated additional service(s).
  • Where Pick-Up and/or Delivery are pre-scheduled and routine, a discounted rate* would be applied.
  • The omissions, modifications and alterations made in transit (to drop-off or pickup parcel) by the service requester MAY attract an additional charge*.
*Refer to Terms and Conditions



The following payment terms and arrangements are applicable based on the clientele profile and engagement history.

Payment for services rendered can be made based on the following indicative schedule:

  • Pay as you go (IncludingCash)
  • Advanced payment and pre-payments


Payment Methods

The following methods of payment may apply on services rendered.

  • Cash on Delivery
    • Recommended for one off transactions
    • Open to transactions up to GHc100.00
  • Payment via e-money channels
    •  Visa
    • MasterCard
    • MobileMoney
    • Hubtel