The Tangkama Blacklist triggers/offense consists of:


  1. Robotic behavior
    1. Deliberately creating tasks and canceling on purpose just for spite.
    2. Creating an unduly unreasonable sequence of tasks over a relatively small-time periods/window.
  1. Non-payment for services rendered.
    1. Refusal to pay for services without an opportunity to negotiate or compensate.
    2. Short changing by paying less than stipulated costs without satisfactory engagement.
  1. General abuse of platform
    1. Fake tasks
    2. Deliberate mismatch of pick-up and drop-off locations



  1. Picking of pylon riders
    1. It is abominable for Service Providers to carry pylon riders.
  1. Being Offline
    1. Being offline for more than six (6) hours in a day
    2. Being offline for three (3) days in roll with or without notice
    3. Being offline for five (5) non-consecutive days in a month
  1. Failed Delivery
    1. Three (3) counts of failed delivery with or without a satisfactory reason
    2. Every pending delivery beyond six (6) hours after tasked assigned and confirmed would be treated as a Failed Delivery*.
    3. For every delivery made after six (6) hours that was not pre-scheduled, such delivery would be for free*.
    4. Where a free delivery is offered to a customer as compensation, such cost would be passed on to the SP concerned*.
  1. Cancelation
    1. Five (5) cancelations in a day with or without satisfactory reason*.
    2. Ten (10) cancelations in a month with or without satisfactory reason*.
    3. Any task that is assigned and accepted but not delivered after 24 hours is considered a canceled task*.
  1. Damaged Package
    1. Two (2) incidents/accidents of damaged (including partly damaged) parcels in transit with or without a satisfactory explanation*.
    2. Cost of damaged packages would be passed on to SP
  1. Crime
    1. Any SP involved in crime or criminal conduct would automatically be blacklisted.
    2. Any SP who acquires a criminal record of any sort would be blacklisted immediately.
  1. Poor Customer Service
    1. Abuse of customers when reported and investigated, guilty parties (SPs) would be given verbal warning on first count.
    2. Continuous occurrences counting to five (5), especially from repeat offenders would attract indefinite suspension.
  1. General Indiscipline
    1. Road rage offenses once reported, investigated and findings concluded would attract for such SP a warning and subsequently indefinite suspension.
    2. Traffic offenses once unresolved at scene and escalates would attract warning. Repeat offenders would get suspended indefinitely.