We Are An Awesome Team

Tangkama is many things to different people but one thing to all people – CONVENIENCE!

Tangkama dba Tangkama Company Limited, assumes and embodies the letter and spirit of the word Tangkama as commonly conceived and used. Tangkama is and remains a shadow of itself. Challenging conventional wisdoms and at the same time, humbled by experiences of history.

Tangkama will go where Tangkama is needed. Leading change and inspiring hope in many around us – far and near; not once or twice, but several times over.

Tangkama aspires to be one thing and one thing only to all – to be synonymous with CONVENIENCE. Convenience in and through every facet of life. The convenience of thought and dreams, of action and inaction, of tradition and modernity, of age and grace, of simplicity and complexity, and of evolution and  revolution.

Tangkama stands for all the things that make life and living it simpler and easier for YOU.

Welcome to Convenience!

What Keeps Us Moving

To represent Convenience to all persons; wherever they may be.

Leverage appropriate Technology underpinned by peerless Leadership and exceptional Customer Service to deliver Convenience to all persons.

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